Part of Lil Uzi Vert's success can be attributed to DJ Carnage's use of his vocals on the catchy "WDYW," a song featuring A$AP Ferg, Rich The Kid and Uzi himself that went hard on the festival circuit. It appears as though the two are ready to link up once again as Carnage showed off a photo of the duo together, with a simple "coming soon..." on Twitter. While somewhat cryptic, the two are either hinting at a standalone single like "WDYW" or a full-length project together. Uzi and Carnage appear to work well as a unit and, with the right amount of time in the studio, Uzi can record a plethora of hits

Carnage went a little more into detail in his Instagram post of the same photo while keeping the vague intrigue of the initial post intact. The DJ wrote, "I think it’s time we reunite & do it for the culture..." This statement hints at something a little larger than just one song, as the culture is nothing to mess around with if you're just dropping one track. Nevertheless, the prospect of an incoming collab between the two is enticing and keeps fans of both artists on their toes as the release date has not been announced.

Musicians tend to prefer Friday as their favorite day to drop new projects or songs. Perhaps we could be looking at new Uzi x Carnage as soon as tomorrow? Are you excited about the upcoming banger?