Everyone's favorite rap photographer, Gunner Stahl, had some words about deluxe albums, claiming that they're ruining music. Lil Uzi Vert has taken credit for the current deluxe trend in the past, suggesting that his Eternal Atake deluxe edition pushed other rappers to follow suit, dropping even more music before their original projects even have time to cool off. 

With the deluxe edition of Pluto x Baby Pluto releasing just days after the original album, Gunner Stahl said that deluxe albums are ruining music, which Lil Uzi Vert took serious offense to.

"New bitch coming soon Omg can’t wait 2 flick it up," wrote Uzi on Twitter, sharing a picture of a camera and pretending to become a professional photographer. "Gotta book me threw my Agency (bring ya corona mask also) thanks for the opportunity," he replied to a fan asking him to take some pictures. "I finally can show the world what I do with just a push of a button."

The exchange led Gunner Stahl to tell Uzi that they know each other in person, questioning why things got so intense online. Then, he asked the rapper to pull up on him at the Ritz-Carlton, which Uzi did, providing photographic evidence.

"@LILUZIVERT sensitive ass boy nobody wasnt even talking bout u you know me in REAL life if u got a problem u can pull up," said Gunner.

Considering Gunner didn't name-drop anyone, Uzi probably shouldn't have gotten so worked up about this. However, since he is taking responsibility for the deluxe trend, it makes sense why he would get so defensive.

Do you think they duked it out at the hotel?