Lil Uzi Vert has been spotted in the studio teasing a ton of new music over the past couple months. In fact, Uzi is rumored to have upcoming joint projects with NBA Youngboy & Playboi Carti, not to mention collabs with Chief Keef and possibly Matt Ox on the way, but it appears that’s not all Uzi is working with. According to the King of Soundcloud himself, Uzi has new music with Mr. Kanye West on the way.

On Friday, Akademiks got his hands on footage of Uzi saying that he and Kanye had new music on the way. Uzi says that he “fucks” with 'Ye and the two have hella shit done.

“[I] fuck with Kanye. We got hella shit,” Uzi says before asking the fan “You knew that?” While the fan just implied he wanted to hear a collab, Uzi reiterated his concern of the fan’s knowledge of the song(s). “You knew that though that we had songs?” Uzi added before shouting out DJ Akademiks.

Unfortunately that's all that was revealed in the short clip, but just hearing the possibility of and Uzi & Kanye collab will get fans excited, while probably frustrating others.

This clip surfaces just days after Uzi announced that he's hitting the road this Holiday season for a "Very Uzi Christmas" tour. 

Check out the footage (below) and let us know your thoughts on a possible Uzi x Kanye collab? You interested in hearing that or nah?