Some people are more prone to accidents than others, but a recent mishap has left Lil Uzi Vert with a severe cut. The rapper shared his misfortunes with his social media followers on Monday (November 30) and it seems as if he had a painful run-in with a knife. Fans got an up-close-and-person-look after Uzi also posted a video of his injury. "This no slit, this sh*t is open," he said in the clip. His friend can be heard in the background telling him that he has a gash. Uzi agreed and said, "A real gash."

"Don’t open stuff up with a knife it’s not safe," Uzi later tweeted. A fan wanted to know how he was able to cut his face with a knife. "I was pulling the knife back on a zip tie and stab my face ... I just missed my lip." Another fan told Uzi that he needed stitches, but he questioned whether or not his cut was deep enough for medical attention.

We're not sure how Lil Uzi Vert will tend to what looks to be a painful injury, but we're glad it wasn't any worse. Check out Uzi showing off his gash below.