What is a commitment, really? At this point, it's difficult to imagine anything concrete coming from the Lil Uzi Vert camp. Least of all, his album Eternal Atakewhich has been the centerpiece of a strangely mysterious ongoing label dispute. Between Drama's statements of "Free Lil Uzi" to Uzi's own nonchalance about the album's purgatorial state, it's beginning to feel as if Eternal's wait is simply that. While that's unfortunate, at least we'll be able to catch Lil Uzi Vert live, right?

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images 

Sadly, Uzi has been developing a reputation as somewhat of a flake, especially where his overseas concerts are concerned. Today, the beloved rapper has officially pulled out of the U.K. based Leeds Festival, where he was supposed to hold it down on the main stage. This one follows a recent development in which Uzi canceled his entire European tour in one fell swoop, the latest in a pattern of many called-off shows. 

"Due to unforeseen circumstances Lil Uzi Vert is no longer able to perform at Leeds 2019," reads an official statement from the Leeds Festival Facebook Page. "Because of the short notice, Enter Shikari will now take this slot on the Main Stage." At this point, we can only infer his motives, given that he so seldom speaks with the media. Regardless, one has to wonder if Uzi is shooting himself in the foot, developing a reputation as "the boy who cried show." How long before promoters stop booking him altogether?