We have the power to get through this. It may feel like it's been ages since we've heard a new project from Lil Uzi Vert, but it's coming. The signs are there. While he's ignored Eternal Atake since the summer, releasing "New Patek" and sharing the potential cover art, Uzi is back a few months later to get the hype growing again. We haven't forgotten about the project at all, but he's urging fans to continue waiting patiently. In the artist's latest Instagram upload, he made reference to the album that seems to never be arriving.

"If you waited this long, why not wait a little longer," wrote Uzi on his story. If anybody was confused about what he was cryptically discussing, consider that all three people in the photo have the letters "EA" on their bodies. Get it? EA = Eternal Atake

While this isn't a promise that it's coming before the end of the year, it is evidence that the project hasn't been scrapped. Just the other day, Uzi decided to preview a brand new song for his diehard supporters while on a livestream. This is just the latest in a string of potential references to the album as hype continues to be built back up from the ground.

Are you looking forward to some new Uzi?