Just moments before the Mike Tyson and Jones Jr. fight on Saturday night, Lil Wayne announced that he would no longer be performing that night. It wouldn't be the first time he decided to pull out of performance but many were left scratching their heads over the "unforeseen circumstances" that led to the cancellation.

 Hoch Zwei/Corbis via Getty Images

According to TMZ, Wayne actually made the trip from Lousiana to Los Angeles to make the show and even ended his Thanksgiving plans early. Unfortunately, an "unrelated third party" inserted themselves into the whole situation and ruined the entire thing, according to a statement from Triller.

"Unfortunately there was an unrelated 3rd party who attempted to insert themselves in the production process between Triller and Lil Wayne the night before the event and the morning of and it unfortunately caused enough of an issue that Wayne couldn’t perform," Triller said.

They didn't get into specifics, though they did say a producer of the event "interfered with Triller and Lil Wayne at the last minute trying to insert themselves and ended up creating a mess and all around confusion. At a certain point, Wayne got frustrated and decided it was best to pull out of the performance. By the time Triller learned about the mess it was too late."

Weezy, who dropped No Ceilings 3 and is a co-owner of Triller, said he was satisfied with the outcome of the event  "but was truly disappointed I was precluded from performing by the 3rd party."

No sweat. Wayne and Triller said they're on good terms with the rapper set to make up for the performance on the next fight card.