Lil Wayne may have just been dropped by Mountain Dew, but the rapper still has plenty of endorsements under his belt. His latest venture is in line with his clothing line Trukfit, as well as his new favorite passtime of skateboarding. 

Wayne's new footwear company, SPECTRE, is a collaboration with SUPRA, and made its debut in Miami last night. Plenty of familiar faces in both the rap and skateboarding world were in attendance, including Cortez Bryant, Bun B, DJ Stevie J, Don Cannon, Mack Maine, skaters Chaz Ortiz, Stevie Williams and Chad Muska, and French MCs Booba and Gato.

The Chimera mid top is the first SPECTRE product to drop, which made its debut at the show. The new kicks will be available alongside other shoe styles May 18th.

Among the night's festivities were the tattoos of BJ betts, who bravely went under the needle to have Wayne personally brand him with his autograph. 

View the kicks as well as some of the celebrities in attendance in the gallery above.