This week's FIRE EMOJI playlist has a clear dignitary in mind. It's not every day that Lil Wayne gets to man the wheel without a surrogate father figure breathing down his neck. "Open Safe," "Open Letter," and "Mona Lisa" featuring Kendrick Lamar all made the cut, don't act surprised.

The artists that placed a distant second need only reflect on their time management skills. Yesterday was a day of rest for all the ardent rap professionals out there. If you showed up for work on National Weezy Day, you likely didn't receive your paycheck, let alone any overdue recognition, sorry to say.

HNHH is far more democratic than many First World Nations (fact). Luckily we did see past the Weezy smokescreen, enough to cast a few supporting actors in secondary roles. The best of the rest consisted of Lil Durk primarily, but others made the cut too. Durk's newly formed band of miscreants consisting of Lil Baby and Young Dolph will hopefully be given the chance to draw from the early success of "Downfall," quite ironically. 

Durk's ATL counterpart was also able to distinguish himself amidst the media frenzy. His collaboration with Young Thug on "The Weekend" helped dispel any preconceived notions of "ring rust," that risked coloring expectations over Dime Trap, almost across the board. In reality, T.I. has done enough to merit our undivided attention, even in the midst of a busy Weezy-themed media frenzy, Not to mention, he's done enough to merit our 'spect.

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