Recently Lil Wayne has come under heat for his Emmett Till lyrics, and this has lead to the loss of some sponsorships, but the YMCMB artist as always continues to push on and while promoting his latest sneaker with SPECTRE, talked to MTV about a bunch of non-rap topics.  

Speaking about sports, Wayne was asked what was his take on NBA player Jason Collins coming out recently, and Weezy is in the camp of strong supporters.  He thinks it shows fairness in the world, and is happy to see people accept Collins, "What it does for sports? It's opening a lot of doors and it's showing that it's a fair world out there."

Continuing on the subject, the New Orleans born rapper ultimately says he wants to see people be who they are, "Just to see how many people came to his support and things like that, that's a pretty fair world out there. Be you."