Kobe Bryant touched the lives of many throughout the world during his time playing in the NBA. As a young kid with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe immediately made an impact with the historic franchise, especially once he teamed up with Shaq, where they won three straight titles together. It was an incredible accomplishment that was followed up by the infamous 81-point game, as well as two championships in 2009 and 2010. Unfortunately, Kobe and his daughter Gianna passed away unexpectedly in January after a helicopter crash. It was one of those tragedies that shook people to their core and seven months later, we are still grieving.

Yesterday was what would have been Kobe's 42nd birthday. Today, is 8/24 which is considered to be the new Mamba Day since it's the date that contains both of his numbers. These occasions were a cause to celebrate and reflect as many took to social media to wish Bryant a Happy Birthday and express how much he means to them. The hip-hop and sports communities were especially prevalent on social media, with Lil Wayne, Quavo, T.I, Shaq, and Allen Iverson all offering their messages of admiration and adoration.

If Kobe could have seen the love he received yesterday, we're sure he would have been so happy. It's clear that he is one of basketball's biggest legends.