It looks like Reginae Carter's reenactment of her dad Lil Wayne's infamous court deposition tape from 2012 on TikTok got some laughs from her famous father. The 21-year-old has been super active on TikTok since going into quarantine, keeping all of us entertained while we're stuck at home. Her most recent video, though, was a blast from the past that has us all slapping our knees. Lil Wayne's oldest child reminded us all just whose offspring she is by reenacting her dad's courtroom deposition from back when he was suing Quincy Jones over the Carter documentary. Reginae decided to mouth along to the clip of Quincy's lawyer questioning Wayne, and it made for a hilarious bit.

While it's no doubt that Wayne surely had a sense of humour about his daughter doing a lighthearted imitation of him, Reginae has shared what exactly he had to say about it. “His exact response was, ‘U a klown slime, lol,'" she revealed. "I always send him funny memes and things like that. That’s my best friend." She also explained why she decided to reenact that video in particular. “I chose that moment because in my opinion, that’s one of the most iconic moments of my father," Reginae said. "I recorded like three times. I’m a lot like my father in ways so it wasn’t hard at all.”

Reginae Carter Lil Wayne reaction response reenactment court deposition tiktok funnyJerritt Clark/Getty Images for Young Money Records

“My father and I have a pretty laid back relationship," she continued. "When we get together it’s always jokes and good conversation. The last time I was with him, he showed me some dope stuff and I just sat back like 'wow, my dad is really the GOAT.'  People talk about how I defend my father, but that’s my best friend (my mom is too)! I wouldn’t be here without those two.” We hope Reginae goes on to do more reenactments of her father's most iconic moments.