Lil Wayne has some pretty crazy stories. The YM leader stopped by Jimmy Kimmel -- who is currently filming his show in Austin for SXSW -- to share a couple of his strangest experiences, both of which happened to involve getting shot at. 

“I’ve been shot at by a female fan,” said Wayne, after being asked to share a crazy experience. “It was after a show and she was just a very persistent fan. We didn’t know what she actually wanted.”

Apparently, the bus driver was a little more concerned than Wayne and his crew, and pulled off swerving when he heard the shots go off. “We weren’t paying them no mind. We was all hype, and we was dancin’,” he said. “We were more upset at him ’cause we was like, ‘You gon’ kill us.’”

Of course, Weezy then got into the infamous story where he accidentally shot himself at age 12. “My ass was tryin’ to be hard, lookin’ in the mirror, trippin’ and it went off,” he said, rather lightheartedly.

He then explained how he was able to alert the cops that he needed help. “I gathered myself and I slid on my own blood ’cause we had wooden floors, thank God,” he said, explaining that he woke up to sound of knocks at the door from police. “I used the floor and I slid on my blood and I kicked the door and they heard me kick the door and they opened the door.”

Watch the interview below.