Last night, the Lakers beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, taking home the Larry O'Brien championship trophy while LeBron James was named this year's MVP. It was a historical moment, given the times we're in and the devastating loss of Kobe Bryant earlier this year. The championship felt like a win that the Lakers needed this year and its massive fanbase would agree with that sentiment.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As many took to the 'gram to celebrate the Lakers' win in the Bubble, Weezy F. Baby hit the 'Gram to commemorate yet another championship. There's no doubt that he had a close relationship with Kobe, naming the late legend his favorite player of all time, above Lebron James and Michael Jordan. The rapper shared a photo of himself and Kobe Bryant together holding the Larry O'Brien and pointing at the camera. Despite Miami's loss, Lil Wayne quoted 305 legend DJ Khaled to celebrate the Lakers taking in the championship, writing, "And another one!"

The Lakers' win last night was met with celebration from NBA players and rappers alike. Snoop Dogg took to Instagram after the Lakers won declaring that he wants his money immediately. Needless to say, there are a lot of Lakers fans who got paid off of last night's game. 

Check out Lil Wayne's Instagram post below.