Depending on your taste (and probably your age), you definitely have a favorite between Drake and Lil Wayne. If you're more into straight-up bars, spectacular flows, and classic projects, Weezy F Baby is your guy. If you like to vibe out on your headphones, get in touch with your emotions and cry about your ex-girlfriend, you probably have Drake on your top playlists. Of course, given their history working together in Young Money Entertainment, it's easily possible to be a huge fan of both rappers. We've been praying for the possibility of a Tunechi x Drizzy collaborative album and it seems like our wishes may actually come true.

For years, the two have previously teased the possibility of a joint project but for just as long, the topic hasn't been brought up in their press runs. During a new interview with Vibe, Wayne re-entered discussion about the long-anticipated body of work, noting that he and Drake are still in constant competition against one another.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

"We’re both doing what we do, but he already know," said the legendary rapper about his music with Drake. "We still text and send songs here and there, change a verse because he killed me or change a verse ‘cuz I killed him. It’s still the same competition."

As reported by Genius, the first time this duo hinted at a collaborative album was nine years ago when Drake told Tim Westwood they had thought about working together on one. Hopefully, it's actually coming now.

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