Lil Wop Says He Eats "Like A White Bitch" When He Has Munchies On "How To Roll"

Rose Lilah
December 22, 2017 11:33

Lil Wop shares his smoking habits on our new episode of "How to Roll."

Lil Wop, one of the new artists Gucci Mane signed to his 1017 Records imprint (alongside Hoodrich Pablo Juan), stopped by the HNHH office for a smoke session, wearing the bubbliest jacket he could find. The Gucci Mane protege rocked a shiny, black, puffer coat that at any moment could have caused him to float out the office, but he managed to remain grounded as he walked us through his Backwoods-rolling process. Please excuse the crinkling. Note to self, next time a rapper wears a big bubble jacket, ask them to remove it prior to shooting.

No matter, Lil Wop did his thing, and shared some insight as to his smoking habits along the way. He's an indica type of guy, he reveals. "If you a sativa bitch, I hate you." And if you think he's playing: "Nah, for real." He also reveals the first time he hit a blunt, at 16-years old, and couldn't stop laughing (sounds about right). 

Whereas we've had some artists come through and prefer to keep their Backwoods au naturel, Wop uses scissors to cut the Woods precisely. He also reveals that he eats "like a white bitch" when he's got the munchies-- naming some Starbucks concoctions like "mocha frappes." Who else can relate?

He goes on, "Candies, Life Savers, NERDS, I love NERDS. And, Sweet Tarts. My fucking favorite, sour Sweet Tarts. I'm a candy head, bruh. I like all type of candy. I eat candy more than I eat food."

Check it out and stay tuned for our interview proper with Wop.

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