A few months ago, Lil Xan revealed that he would be using a drawing of Mac Miller for his Be Safe album art. The project is centred on the final words Mac ever told Diego before his untimely passing. The two words - "be safe" - have deeply touched Lil Xan as he decided to head to rehab in late 2018. He is also promising growth in his music, which you can already hear in his latest single "Watch Me Fall." While his new music likely won't please everybody, Xan is making an effort to strengthen his sound so that he can redeem himself from a pretty dreadful 2018 campaign. He also appears to be listening to the fans that weren't pleased with Mac being represented on the cover of his project. Lil Xan has just debuted the new artwork for Be Safe, confirming a February release date.

Instead of using Mac Miller as the cover artwork, Diego showed off a new image of Xanax pills and cigarettes, which he will be using as the official cover. The first single from the upcoming work was released today as he crosses his fingers that fans will be pleasantly surprised by the evolution in his sound.

What do you think of the new cover Xan will be using? Better or worse than the original?