Lil Yachty's been enjoying this past year, as he should. It was a monumental year for him. He released his debut album Teenage Emotion, toured across the globe, made his way onto Forbes list and has done more in the past year than most have within their lifetime. The rapper isn't taking the moment for granted though. Among all of this, he's still in the studio working hard on more music. For the past several months, he's been teasing his fans with snippets of new music and collaborations for his upcoming Lil Boat 2. It looks like all the labor he's put in will see the light of day soon.

Lil Yachty hit up Snapchat today to share some exciting news with his fans. The "One Night" rapper has confirmed that he finally wrapped up his forthcoming Lil Boat 2. The rapper shared a photo in the studio with a simple caption that read, "Gotta Lil Boat 2 Done." It's exciting considering that since the tail end of the summer, he's been giving his fans updates and sharing snippets of music through social media and otherwise. Back in August, the rapper shared a short montage of his recent live performances of the summer on Instagram with the caption, "Lil Boat 2 Otw." That post came shortly after he released his "Birthday Mix 2.0" which had a blend of some freestyles and some unreleased music which may end up on his forthcoming project.

Yachty's been working heavily for the past few months on not only this project but a collaborative effort he has with Lil Pump. He recently announced it a bit over a week a go and since then he's built anticipation for it. Not only are the two rappers working on a project together but they're also contemplating a tour once the project is out for public consumption.

 Yachty also shared an exclusive glimpse into what they've been working on during his Twitch stream. The rapper shared a new collab track with Lil Pump called "Baby Daddy," which he's yet to confirm is on Lil Boat 2 or their project together.