Ever since people were debating on Lil Yachty's presence in the rap game a few years ago, the main argument has been that he simply makes music for teens and kids. With such a positive vibe and sound, his music can be described as "bubblegum," instantly casting him as a joke rapper. However, with serious ability to spit bars when he wants, Lil Boat is a talent like no other. His versatility apparently knows no bounds either as he has recently proven himself to be an A-1 costume designer, allowing himself the option to fall back and become an arts & crafts specialist or a wardrobe stylist for superhero movies if ever his rap career down-spirals. 

In a recent episode of Arts & Raps, Yachty linked up with two kids to make their best superhero apparel in correlation with the artist's appearance in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies releasing this week. Acting as "G Lant," his rap name as Green Lantern, Boat laid down a freestyle with the help of Zaria and Dilan. As they crafted their own superhero attire, the red-haired rapper told Dilan that he resembled a young Kenan Thompson while allowing Zaria to rock his chain for much of the video. Clearly, Yachty is comfortable with children, laughing with them and generally just being a likable guy.

The "King of the Teens" seems to have a great connection with children as evidenced by this clip. Lil Yachty will be acting in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, which releases July 27.