The generally starry eyed king of the youth Lil Yachty has once again touched down to The Breakfast Club. Previous visits had perhaps contributed to a growing sense of bad blood, after Charlamagne Tha God dubbed Boat "the poster child of wack rappers." Now, Teenage Emotions is in the past, and a twenty-year old Yachty has recently come through with Lil Boat 2. Deemed a return to his roots of sorts, the mixtape is already proving to be both a critical and commercial upgrade over his last effort. And while Yachty has much cause for celebration, it would appear that a return to the Breakfast Club studios has stirred up some old emotions.

The Boat seemed uncharacteristically dour as he fielded twenty-minutes worth of questions. Clearly something had rattled the young rapper; the generally cheerful Yachty seemed to be channeling his label-mates Migos throughout the chat. Speaking of which, one interesting moment comes early on, when Charlamagne asks if sharing a label with Migos leads to any feelings of pressure. "Good pressure," replies Yachty. "That's pressure I need. That's the best backburner to have, like, to see them doing so well. When I came to the label, they weren't the best. They weren't doing that well in the game, so to see that is inspirational."

And while Lil Boat may be (with the exception of this interview) a bastion of positive vibes, he isn't always keen on the collaborations. "I only really do features when [Coach K & Pee] tell me to," says Yachty, dryly. "And they tell me to a lot." 

Eventually, Yachty confronts Charlamagne over the aforementioned "wack rappers" comment (around the fourteen minute mark). "That blew me, bruh," says Yachty. "You know people bring that up all the time?" He goes on to cite Charlamagne's This Year Is Dope/Trash video with Joe Budden, saying "if I see one snake, I see two." Perhaps it's the reason he's feeling some type of way. Either way, Lil Boat continues to secure the bag.