When you become an overnight rap sensation, you have to deal with the prying eyes (*trolls*) of the internet going to great lengths to dig up your past in hopes of uncovering something incriminating. Social media is often the first place to look. Awhile back a bunch of rappers' old tweets started going viral and making the news cycle, and recently Yachty's had a few from his youth surface as well.

In a new interview with 106KMEL, radio host Shay Diddy came prepared with a bunch of Yachty's past tweets, and Yachty did his best to defend and/or explain them. One of the more significant tweets was "Fuck J. Cole," which the rapper (he's currently 18-years old) sent out in high school. After struggling for a split second with an explanation as to why he tweeted that, he goes on to clarify, and basically: because troll.

"I don't know why back in the day I was heavy on saying 'fuck J. Cole,' I don't know why," Yachty says at first. "Aight, lemme clear this up. I used to say that a lot," he continued. "The first one was 2011, I was in tenth grade I think. I fuck with J. Cole as a person, I don't listen to J. Cole. I have nothing against J. Cole, I was young, I was just talking shit trolling. I didn't think I was gunna be a rapper."

Earlier in the interview, Yachty also speaks on being blocked on Instagram by Miley Cyrus, something which he also tweeted about.

"Miley Cyrus blocked me on Instagram a long time ago," he says, "I dunno, I was trolling her I think I commented one time, like, "fuck me girl," or something. I'm wild, I'm telling you when I was young I was crazy in the head on social media. I was like one of her first comments, she posted a picture and maybe in half a second I commented like, 'fuck me dirty slut,' something like that, I dunno, then she blocked me." "I was trolling," he added.

The other topics that are brougt up in Yachty's past tweets include: his education at Alabama State University, paying to fuck bitches, a possible collaboration with Tyler, The Creator, and taking the word of Lil B as law. Watch the full interview below.