Lil Yachty isn't just an accomplished artist in his own right. Behind the scenes, he helped write one of the biggest records of the last few years, working with the City Girls on "Act Up"

The raunchy single, which includes lines like "F*ckin' on a scammin' ass, rich ass n***a" and "P*ssy sweet, p*ssy tight, so he called it Lifesaver", was co-written by Lil Yachty and, because of the lyrical content, he's been getting trolled for his involvement for months. Ever since it was first revealed that he wrote the record, people have theorized about Yachty's own sexuality, as though he's incapable of stepping out of character for a minute. 

When the topic came up again this week, the Atlanta rapper told the world how much money he made from the record, claiming that the checks are still coming in.

"Mans talking about, I wrote City Girls, I'm sure his b*tch sing it. And I wanna let him know, that was an eight-figure check," said Lil Yachty on Instagram Live before correcting himself, saying that it was actually only seven figures. Still, a million dollars is a lot of money to make just for writing a song. 

Do you still think Lil Yachty is sus for writing it? Would you take a million-dollar check to write a song like "Act Up"?