Lil Yachty's on top of the world right now. The rapper's solidified himself as one of the most prominent young artists in the game with the release of Lil Boat 2. While the quality of his music is debatable, he's managed to use his platform on the Internet to doing much bigger things in his life. It should come as no surprise that the self-proclaimed "King Of Youth" has managed to make some famous friends on the way up. However, some of the numbers in his phone are much more famous than you'd think.

Lil Yachty recently made a pit stop by Complex's offices to film Peter Rosenberg's new late night show. The publication caught up with him behind the scenes that night where they got him to answer a handful of questions. He revealed what he'd call his late night show if he had one, his favorite late night snack and more. However, the most interesting bit is when he revealed who the most famous person in his phone is.

"It was Kylie Jenner. Maybe like, Obama's daughter." He revealed.

He didn't reveal whether it was Malia Or Sasha Obama but it's still impressive that he has the former president's daughters digits in his phone. 

In addition to revealing that he has Obama's daughter's number, he also said that if he was able to interview one person, dead or alive, it would be The Basedgod himself.

Peep the clip below.