Lil Yachty and Trippie Redd have a few things in common. On the surface, both can be recognized by their red, Sideshow Bob-esque hair color. More importantly, both stand as capable rappers when provoked, despite leaning toward a more radio-friendly melodic vibe. Finally, both artists have continuously keep their respective fanbases entertained through their social media antics, often coming off as affable and relatable young men. Perhaps it's no wonder that fate has once again brought them together. According to Lil Boat's IG page, the pair has something waiting in the wings, although we're not exactly sure when that might be.

Knowing Lil Yachty's prolific tendencies, it wouldn't be surprising to see him coming out with a Lil Boat 2 followup at some point in the near future. To be fair, the more likely scenario is that the pair cooked something up for Trippie's next project, which has yet to land a solid release date. Granted, there's still a high probability that the song simply emerges as a loosie, as both rappers clearly have an affinity for the SoundCloud model. However it falls, we won't have to wait much longer; although "soon" has unfortunately come to take on a variety of meanings. 

What say ya'll? Is a Lil Yachty/Trippie Redd collaboration something you willf be actively checking for?