It was a frightening moment for Lil Yachty recently after the rapper was reportedly involved in an accident. We may be entering the Summer season as temperatures turn up and people are beginning to show off some skin, but Atlanta, Georgia has been experiencing a bit of that summertime southern rain. The Peach State's capital has been dealing with some downpour and TMZ reports that Lil Yachty was involved in a single-car accident which resulted in the rapper's Ferrari being totaled.

 Lil Yachty, Car Crash
Emma McIntyre / Stringer / Getty Images

According to the outlet, Lil Yachty was driving along Georgia State Route 400 on Monday (June 22) when he hydroplaned. The rain was reportedly coming down hard and there was "a lot of standing water on the road," causing Lil Yachty's red Ferrari to spin out and crash into the shoulder of the highway, into a barrier.

While the report states that Yachty was able to walk away from the crash without any major injuries, it's unclear whether or not he was treated at a hospital. We're just happy to hear that no one was severely hurt and Yachty was able to leave the scene pretty much unscathed by the crash.