These days, the process of a man sliding into a woman's DMs on a given social media account (or vice versa) is considered the new way of slyly trying to hit on someone you're attracted to while keeping the move low-key. Unfortunately, if you're a celebrity, there's no real way to go undetected with that sort of maneuver. Consider, for example, LeBron James, the all-world forward for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, who got outed on Snapchat by model Heidi Hoback after he tried to slide into that inbox. “Teach me how to hunt and I’ll teach you to play ball. Deal? Lol,” was James' opening line and, although her response to him was hidden by emojis, whatever she said prompted LeBron to ask, “Where are you?” If that's an example of how women deal with famous men trying to get at them on social media, we may be about to find out what happens when the genders are reversed in this scenario.

Earlier today, well-known lush actress Lindsay Lohan tweeted out a very specific message to current rap icon Kendrick Lamar. That message was simple: "DM me," she said. It's not inherently clear whether or not what exactly Lohan's intentions were, but considered without context, the Mean Girls star may have a thirst that she feels only the "DNA" star can quench. As of this writing, there was no response from Lamar that had been shared online, but many fans of the rapper's turned up on Twitter and replied to this surprising advance on Lohan's part. Suffice it to say that K. Dot supporters didn't think following through on the actress' request was a good idea. Check out some of those reactions below.

In other Kendrick news, his track "Humble" has surpassed the one million download mark, something that seems nearly impossible in the world of streaming and on-demand plays that make up the music industry as we know it today. DAMN. will almost certainly be on many shortlists for Album of the Year, which is a testament to his longevity and ability to engage his fan base over a long period of time. Maybe Lohan will invite him over and have that LP going in the background while they ... um ... enjoy a game of Scrabble or something.