The Lohan family has experienced its fair share of scandals. Lindsay Lohan has faced a number of personal issues including substance abuse, DUIs, arrests, and behaviors that conflicted with her child star persona. The actress wasn't the only person in her family to have their names in the headlines, either. Her mother, Dina, was previously arrested on a DWI and her father, Michael Lohan, has been entangled in the gossip rags after being taken into custody for domestic violence, investigated for insider trading, and arrested for driving while intoxicated.

On Friday (April 23), Michael Lohan's name reappeared, and this time reports state that the 60-year-old was arrested and hit with six charges in connection to patient brokering.

According to PEOPLE, Lohan was taken into custody in Florida after police alleged that he would take drug addicts to treatment centers "in exchange for illegal kickbacks." State Attorney Dave Aronberg reportedly told NBC News, "Mr. Lohan was investigated by our Sober Homes Task Force and he's being charged with receiving kickbacks for referring patients to drug treatment."

"Patient brokering corrupts our health care system because decisions are motivated by greed instead of a patient's needs," Aronberg added. "This is our Task Force's 117th arrest and will not be our last."

It is unclear how much money Lohan is accused of accepting in the alleged scam, as is the amount of time he's looking at in prison if convicted of the charges. His attorney has yet to release a statement or respond to reports.