Well this is awesome. Over the weekend, a Reddit user decided to liberate an unreleased Kanye West track presumed to be recorded before the College Dropout days. The song is titled “Baby's Coming,” and it features Kanye’s former group the Go-Getters (GLC, Timmy G, and Arrowstar).

The song was reportedly discovered on a cassette demo purchased at a flea market, which was marked "Kanye + GG." It samples Rufus & Chaka Khan’s “Aint Not Nobody,” and finds the young 'Ye rapping about women trying to take advantage of men (see his lyrics below).

Take a listen to the unreleased record and peep the song’s vintage artwork (above).

Kanye's Opening Verse:

These hoes is all the same
They all want a nigga hollering out "money ain't a thing"
'Bout pathetic as a player that lost his game
How a motherfuckin' hoe turn a pimp to a lame
See these sheets is like the street you gotta stay strapped up
Cause that's how these hoes'll get you wrapped up
Calling you later what she crying about
Put that bitch on now what she lying about
Talking about how she late and how she eat a lot
See she eat a lot cause she smoke weed a lot
Why all the bogus hoes want to front ok
Why the fine hose can't have one on the way
I prolly tell her to keep it, it'll be out little secret
Boniquan now my shorty looking fine: Puerto Rican
As long as she don't flip it tell her man that we creepin'
What we doin' is all day
When I hang up it ain't called hate its called [?]
When you get popped don't call me call Clay
That's your man ain't it
That's the plan ain't it
When she told me it was mine I damn near fainted

[Via Complex]