AS Roma kept it a close and tidy affair but in the end, the writing was on the wall the for the Liverpool faithful. The past decade has been wrought with emotion and fear for fans at the Merseyside, as they sat and watched ownership dismantle a legendary side, one key player at a time. Well since then, a dark aged ensued. The North American sports fan is more finicky than the devoted football fan. In some instances, a team's colors are a family inheritance. In other instances, picking sides is a one-time decision never to be undone.

This afternoon Liverpool got their seal of approval once and for all, with their side clinching a berth in the Champion League final to be played on May 26 in Kiev Ukraine. The English team did lose their lose their 2nd leg tie, but did another in the 1st to warrant a 6-7 aggregate score off the strength of two away goals. They will mighty the legendary Real Madrid C.F, a team that has hoisted the trophy 2 years out of 3. Liverpool fans will receive 16,626 of the ticket-share for the game, are expected to fill their section to section to capacity. May the best best team win