It's been a long time. Nas shouldn't have left us. But he did, with 2012's Life Is Good proving a worthwhile farewell. Now, six years later, life is still good, as a new Nas album has entered the fold. To make matters even better, the project produced entirely by Kanye West, who has been riding a creative hot-streak of late. If you're of a certain age, there's a strong chance that you're unfamiliar with the legend that is Nasir Jones. If so, worry not, for this could very well prove a worthwhile introduction to newcomers. For the longtime devotees, the discovery will be all the more exciting. 

Now, with the self-titled Nasir set to drop at midnight (though Kanye's recent projects have been inconsistent in their punctuality), those chomping at the bit will have a chance to live out the experience in real time. Like Ye Kids See Ghosts before it, the Nas album is set to be live-streamed, this time via Mass Appeal & Be-At TV. Should you be interested, head over there to catch the listening party. Naturally, the event is set to take place on Nas' home turf of Queens, a testament to his homespun legacy. 

Peep the tracklist below, although knowing Kanye, titles are subject to change. As for the livestream, be sure to tune in right here: 

1. Everything
2. Bonjour
3. Not For Radio 
4. Adam And Eve

5. Simple Things
6. Cops
7. I Can Explain

Edit: We'll be sure to update with various pictures & clips that surface throughout the night as well (see below).