Lil Nas X’s highly anticipated debut studio album MONTERO has finally arrived, and Twitter has been abuzz as the first reviews float in. Plenty of fans have already given their take on the project, but out of everyone so far, the best reaction has undoubtedly come from Lizzo.

“[I’ve] never been a fan of lil nas but this new project he released has me literally pissing, shitting, and cumming,” the “Juice” singer tweeted out this morning.

Lil Nas X, clearly flattered by the co-sign, replied, “LMFAOOOO I LOVE U,” before grabbing a screenshot of the tweet and posting it to his own Instagram page. “The queen has spoken,” he captioned the post.

Lizzo’s initial tweet earned her some confused replies from people questioning why she didn’t like Nas before, but what they didn’t realize is that the verbiage actually comes from a joke spam tweet that the “Old Town Road” singer posted earlier today.

“Can’t believe Obama said that,” the 22-year-old wrote, along with a link that takes anyone who clicks it to an option to post the exact tweet that Lizzo sent out this morning in support of her friend.

Although the pals didn’t collaborate on MONTERO, Lil Nas X did work with a tremendously talented group of artists including Doja Cat, Sir Elton John, Megan Thee Stallion, Jack Harlow, and Miley Cyrus.

HipHopDX reports that Nas also tried to get Drake and Nicki Minaj to appear on the project, but the former was busy working on Certified Lover Boy and the latter’s team completely deaded the competition.

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