It's quite rare that you'll hear a rapper claim their retirement. They either fade away from the limelight, embark on other ventures or simply become washed up but a rapper saying they'll retire doesn't happen too frequently. Jay said it but later returned with Kingdom Come.Lil Wayne also said he'd retire but that's clearly not the case. Earlier today, Lloyd Banks said that he'd be retiring but it looks like that's not the case at all.

Lloyd Banks took to Twitter to let everyone know he was just trolling. The rapper posted a clip of Ric Flair's iconic, "I will never retire!" clip before explaining his issue with hip hop media. The issue seems to be with the industry's overall interest in the antics that surrounds the music rather than the music itself. 

"Just goes to show you what a mess the industry has become..they’ll rather cover everything that happens around the music..than the actual music itself..I hope all these outlets support me when I drop..have a good day," he said.

What he says does hold some truth to it but at the same time, everyone, from blogs to hip hop heads, get genuinely excited when he drops music.

Lloyd Banks is one of the smoothest and overlooked emcee's of our time but atleast we know he isn't going anywhere any time soon.