The golden rule is: Thou shalt kill the chill. Therefore, YouTube should be held accountable for disabling the "lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to" channel, even if it was an accident. Regular listeners of the ChilledCow-curated stream were sent into a panic when they discovered over the weekend that they had lost their source of lo-fi beats. In a society where we all strive (or are required) to be productive workers, vibe-y and non-intrusive background music allows us to go about our daily tasks without losing our minds. 

On Saturday (Feb. 22), after receiving a message that they violated YouTube's terms of service, ChilledCow took to Twitter to request further explanation from the platform for their channel's removal. YouTube responded: "Thanks for flagging this to us! Our teams confirmed that this was a mistake on our side and your channel has now been reinstated. We’re sorry this happened! We've shared feedback with our review team to prevent similar errors from happening in the future." 

All those that need their IV-drip of lo-fi beats can now rejoice because the channel has been reinstated with a new stream. According to The Verge, the original lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to video continuously played for almost two years, amassing 218 million views. The young anime girl seen on the channel's page can continue infinitely doing her homework and you can resume whatever it is you have to do!