J. Cole and Logic who receive an overwhelming amount of hate for little reason. They both mind their business, make their music and don't start any trouble. Unfortunately, they also face the wrath of Internet trolls on a daily basis. Cole's managed to remove himself from the public eye when he's not releasing music, but Logic serves as more of a public figure. In his recent cover story with Billboard, Logic explained how J. Cole helped him open his eyes about Internet troll.

As Logic's fame increased, so did the amount of hate he received. The rapper recalled the hate he received on social media following his very public divorce from his ex-wife. He ended up having a conversation with J. Cole -- a fellow rapper who's often described as corny -- for some advice about the situation.

 “I was like, ‘It’s just so fucked up that people can think I’m this way or that way. I’m a good man. Why would someone talk shit about me?’” Cole, according to Logic, responded, “‘Well, why do you care?’” Logic began to ask himself: “Why do I care that that person said my music isn't that good? That I’m a fuccboi or I’m corny or I’m a hypebeast? Why does it matter?”

Cole then began to dig deeper into Logic's mind and ran through a list of questions for the YSIV rapper to answer for more clarity.

Are you corny? “No, I write from the heart.” But why does it hurt when someone says that about you? “I guess it hurts because they don’t really know who I am.” Well, why do you need that person to really know who you are? “Because I feel like if they know who I am, then they’ll like me.” Why do you need that person to like you? “I guess I don’t need them to like me, I just want them to like me.”