Logic catches heat from the people on the internet and fellow rappers, and it's not incredibly obvious why. Corny? Possibly. But they're a bunch of "corny" artists that catch less smoke. Drake teeters the corny tightrope and folks don't clown him the same way. On second thought, nevermind. 

Hey, maybe it's jealously. In fact, just a few weeks ago, Joyner Lucas admitted to being jealous of Logic's success. "I think I was jealous of him. But I think—the reason why I say that is because I felt like where he was at at that time was where I wanted to be so much. Like damn, I wish I was here, you know what I mean?" Lucas concedes. 

Sure, Joyner–we know exactly what you mean? In any case, glad to see that the two have patched it up.

Now, Logic can get back to what really matters, enjoying the holidays with his lovely family, and taking on new hobbies, like selling signature shake bottles and dyeing his hair red.  

Nothing screams, "holiday cheer" like bright red to match one's bright red shirt.  

Do you think they'll send us a holiday card? Maybe not after that whole corny bit up there...