Logic is known as a lyricist. That title isn't just handed out to any rapper in this generation, since melodies have taken control of the industry. Still, those will exceptional skills with the pen are heralded as artists that should be placed in a special category. Rappers who can toss around entendres and metaphors easily command a different level of respect. Logic's pen game has always been strong, and Bobby Tarantino reminded the world of that fact on Friday with a new freestyle. 

Unlike rappers who attempt to mask their written lyrics as freestyles, Login keeps it real and allows viewers to watch him reading his own lyrics. The short clip of Logic rapping was dubbed "Freestyle Fridays Vol. 1 ," a title that hints at a possible weekly occurrence. Posted in the studio among friends, Logic delivers bar after bar while reading from his phone. His lyrics are in no way hampered by the fact that he's reading, since fans of Logic already know the kid is beyond talented. Besides the hard hitting bars, Tarantino once again impresses with a highly malleable flow that wraps itself around the beat. Check out the video below and sound off in comments with your opinion of Logic's bars.