While some can't help but hurling negativity his way, Logic continues to tour the world, make money, and enjoy his newfound bachelorhood. Not only is the Everybody rapper at the height of his success, but his sheer joie de vivre is infectious to say the least. You've gotta respect the fact that, in spite of the success and sheer ubiquity, Logic is as much a fan of hip-hop as anyone. Rap is a competitive sport to be sure, but you already know that Bobby Tarantino was spending midnight on the PJ, playing Settlers of Catan while steady diving into the new J. Cole album along with the rest us. 

While our users have already shared their first impressions on Cole's latest, Logic has also chimed in with  a glowing endorsement for Jermaine. "King Cole with the (fire emoji)" writes Bobby, via Twitter. "What an album!!!!! I LOVE HIP HOP." It's no surprise that Logic felt so strongly about Cole's latest, as it's well established that there's genuine respect there. Remember, Logic previously opened up about his friendship with Cole, geeking out with the starry-eyed fervor reserved for the truly sincere. 

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