Enjoying retirement with his family, Logic can finally say and do what he wants without repercussions. He spoke about his new mindset on the H3 Podcast, where his wife also made an appearance.

"Now since I've retired from music I don't really give a fuck anymore," he said, expanding on how people only saw him as a form of entertainment when he was rapping full-time.

These days, Logic is busy streaming on Twitch and taking care of his baby boy, Little Bobby, with his wife Brittney Noell.

He's been posting pictures of his mini-me on social media to keep his supporters up to date, coming through with another one as he is clearly enjoying his new role as a father.

In the shot, Bobby holds Little Bobby on his shoulders with a bunch of Home Depot boxes in the background. Maybe the family is moving into a new crib with the $1 million payout the retired rapper is getting from his Twitch deal? Or perhaps they're just undergoing renovations at the house they were already living in?

Regardless, it's nice to see Logic with a smile on his face, taking care of his baby boy and keeping us posted on it all.