Despite his run as one of hip-hop's biggest gamers, Logic was never really one to bring the world of shit-talking into his music. In fact, Bobby Tarantino was widely appreciated as one of hip-hop's humblest, most easygoing individuals. Even when he did engage in mild feuding, he ultimately moved to turn an enemy into a friend -- as he did with his "ISIS" collaborator Joyner Lucas. Suffice it to say, Logic has consistently possessed every ability to flex, even if it wasn't always his style to do so.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Well, it would appear that retirement has awakened the rapper's competitive spirit, and damned if the man didn't take to Twitter to unveil an absolutely ridiculous collection of gold and platinum plaques. By his tally, that's seventeen singles certified gold, with eight more singles certified platinum. On the album front, we're looking at three gold, and two platinum -- the two being Everybody and Under Pressure. "Am I still underground or nah?" he tweets, turning the tables on anyone still questioning his position.

At this rate, don't be surprised to see Logic's collection expand in the years to come. We've long seen rappers temporarily enjoy retirement, only to be inevitably lured back into action for one reason or another. Perhaps it will be the vacant space on the wall that sparks Bobby back into action, the unfillable void that only gold and platinum plaques can fill. Or perhaps he'll simply miss the thrill of delivering a new project upon the masses. Either way, he's a long way from the underground from whence he came.