Logic is now a famous, successful and chart-topping rapper who has secured himself as a favourite rapper amongst many others in the game. The 29-year-old's career took off not only because of his talent, but his manager Chris Zarou who was a former athlete who had no artist management training and just did what he could to make Logic who is. 

The duo recently paid a visit to NPR's How I Built This With Guy Raz to discuss moments in his career and how he once turned down a $1.5 million dollar deal. At one point Chris explained how he once applied to endless record labels to secure a gig that would hopefully put Logic on. "At almost every record label I applied for internships," Zarou said of his early days. "I actually got one interview...and I thought it went great and ultimately they said, 'Sorry this isn't gonna work.'" 

He added: "I actually printed [the email] out recently and I'm getting it framed for the office. ... It was Def Jam, which is ultimately where Logic signed to probably a little over a year after that."

Christopher Polk/Getty Images 

They both reflected on their early days before the success hit and how they couch surfed before they made the right move. "We were still shopping ourselves, we wanted a deal," Logic explained. "There was even independent companies that put a contract for $1.5 million dollars in our hands. ... We turned it down like it was nothing."

Logic is now signed to Def Jam and affiliated with Chris' new label under Sony Music, Visionary Records.