Logic recently released the fourth installment of his Young Sinatra project, Young Sinatra IVThe project boasts an impressive list of featured artists including Jaden Smith, Wale, and Hailee Steinfeld. The album's 6th track, "Wu Tang Forever" features rhymes from all the members of the iconic hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. The Maryland rapper posted a video on his Instagram page revealing that the epic track was recorded while he was on tour. He captioned the post "Recorded Wu Tang Forever while I was on tour this summer."

In a fan experience video filmed ahead of YSIV's release, Logic discussed how he was able to secure the feature, sharing that the collaboration was sparked by a drunken conversation with friends. Logic expressed the desire to reunite Wu-Tang Clan on his album and told his friends that he had RZA's number. They then encouraged Logic to call the Wu-Tang rapper who, to Logic's surprise, answered the phone. Logic told RZA, “‘I’ve always wanted to do a song called “Wu Tang Forever,” it was dream of mine, and to feature every single Wu-Tang Clan member. What do I have to do to make that happen?'” RZA responded,  “All you gotta do is ask, baby.”

Catch the "Wu Tang Forever" conversation at 5:42.