Logic has certainly come a long way since his humble beginnings in the rap game. His 2017 album Everybody has elevated his status to one befitting one of the most respected emcees in the game, growing his fan base and strengthening his industry appeal on the back of singles like "1-800-273-8255," which became an international hit. In a recent profile for CBS News, the rapper recalled the first time he knew that he could not only be in the music game full-time, but get paid for it as well.

The 27-year-old winds the clock back to when he was 18, late in the 2000's decade, where a certain venue sellout became the eye-opening moment he needed to jumpstart his music career. “Being able to sell the spot out was, like, insane,” Logic explained to CBS correspondent Michelle Miller. “I couldn't believe that there were hundreds of people that had gathered just for me.” The place he's talking about is Reggies in Chicago, a place that has a standing room capacity of 400. That realization that he had fans, at such a young age, was quite the experience for the kind-hearted artist.

“I remember [rapping[ with a remote control in front of my mirror and pretending there were thousands and thousands of people there, and wishing ‘Man, if I could just go on tour as like an opening-opening-opening act for a rap group and not even get paid, I would just love it!’” he continued. “And that's the passion as an artist, and it's good that that's there, but… After a couple shows I'm like, this is cool, but I should be getting paid. Success is constantly growing. For every goal I achieve, I set ten more.”

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