Say what you will about Logic's music, but you can't deny that the man is an endearing dude. Coming off an extensive tour for his Everybody album, where he proceeded to serve just about everyone in the game at on-stage Mario-Kart, Logic sat down with Montreality for an entertaining and insightful interview. The interview kicks off with a reference to the aforementioned Mario-Kart sessions, in which Logic issues a challenge to anyone brave enough to take him on in the Nintendo Classic. We already saw him serve Yachty, but who can dethrone Logic? 21 Savage recently held it down in NBA 2K, and ScHoolboy Q is a veteran gamer, and more importantly, both would make for hilarious and entertaining opponents. 

After the playful challenge, Logic big ups Drake, praising Champagne Papi with a heartfelt thank you: "If Drake is actually watching this video now, I want to say thank you man. So many rappers out here...they wanna act however, act too cool and this or that...and you've been, you know, really nice to me so far, and I just appreciate the love, so I want to thank you for paving the way for me, man, cause now I'm paving the way for youngins under me."

He continues along those lines, saying "Your music has taught me so much...When I thought I had to be this rapper just rapping all the time, you showed me you could rap and you could spit those bars, and you can sing and you can be yourself...If you see this, Drake, thank you for paving the way for me to be the best me I could be. I appreciate that."

Logic goes on to break down a variety of other topics, including the law of attraction, hip-hop's generation gap, his releast song, and his bromance with Joey Bada$$. Check out the video in full below.