Logic has been on his grind for a long time now, and it's paid off, as he's linked up with Def Jam for a deal while still remaining under the independent label that he came up with, VMG. We caught up with Logic at the beginning of October for Track Breakdown of his single "Two Kings," and we were able to speak to the rising rapper once more when he was on DJ Skee's Skee Live. 

The emcee spoke on being from Maryland, DC, with our host Broady The Joker (who also happens to be from Maryland). They also touched on the fact that Logic is biracial although it may not appear that way.

"People are so ignorant, and they'll be like, 'oh he's white or he's this,' and so they'll judge my music based on my ethnicity," Logic said. "But if you're gunna judge my music based on my ethnicity, which is really ignorant in the first place, then compare me to Drake, compare me to J. Cole, who both have white mothers and black fathers. It goes on and on, but at the end of the day it's not about that, it's about the music, and music knows no color."

Logic is also hard at work on his debut album under Def Jam, which will be executive produced by No I.D. During our interview, Logic revealed that he's been working with producer Hit-Boy on the LP, among his frequent collaborators like 6ix and C-Sick.

"Expect the album," the rapper said when asked about what's to come in 2014. "Working on it with my homie 6ix, with C-Sick, with No I.D. Working on it with Hit-Boy. It's incredible, there's a lot of people I'm working with on it."

Check out our exclusive interview below.