Red-hot emcee Logic opened up to fellow media darling Neil deGrasse Tyson about a variety of subjects in an new interview that puts them on the cover of Complex magazine. On the subject of concept albums, Logic said "[W]hen you have artists who appreciate and love music so much that they actually take the time to create a concept, that is a very special thing. And to say that we’re the first artists to make concept albums, no, obviously not, but we’re in an age where it’s dying." According to Logic, his last album, The Incredible True Story, was a way of pushing himself by having an overarching plot and even an overarching metaphor (set in the year 2065, the album deals with the last of the human race ascending to a space station as a commentary on pollution, climate change and resource squandering.)

When the discussion turned to collaborations, Logic takes a wider, more philosophical approach, saying "[...] I am genetically connected to everyone on earth  If I want to find out what I can be in life, I’m looking to everybody who ever lived. The genius of Isaac Newton, the courage of Joan of Arc, the social morality of Martin Luther King—I’m happy to absorb all the creativity of humanity and then cherry-pick that for what excites me, and let that be what I become in life."

Logic's latest album, Everybody, is available to stream now.