DMV native Logic is steadily on the rise, having earned a spot in the XXL Freshmen list this year, and following that up with well-received mixtape Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever and a Def Jam deal. Logic fans have become used to the emcee's candor on the mic, and his openness when spitting about his family life and troubled times growing up in Maryland. In a new interview with Hardknock TV, the rapper discussed rapping about things like his mother getting stabbed and his father abusing drugs, and why he shares these stories with his fans.

Logic has the ability to story-tell on a track, and during his interview he talks about the way he writes records.

"I never really said this. I never really told this to anyone, but when I write records I have an image in my head. It’s almost like a still image, but it is moving. It’s almost as if it were captured on a camera. It’s very slow motion," Logic revealed, going on to discuss his mother. "I remember where my mom got stabbed and all the things that happened. Cause she was just walking outside one night. Cause it’s fucked up where I’m from man. Where I’m from it’s a really great place, but just like anywhere in the world you could just go left and you’re randomly in like some fucked up area. You know what I mean? So, that’s what it’s like where I’m from. And I just remember that. And it was really crazy."

The young rapper went on say that while it's difficult to talk about his childhood, he does it for his fans.

"It's very hard to talk about witnessing your parents on narcotics, and doing all this fucked up shit, or your brother is running around on the streets doing shit they shouldn't be doing or selling things they shouldn't be selling," Logic said. "But, I talk about it 'cause I feel like it could help other people...You can't be ashamed of who you are or where you came from."

Logic is currently working on his debut album, to be released via Def Jam, with executive producer No I.D.

Watch part 1 of his interview below, where he talks about his love for Wu-Tang Clan and his first rap verse ever.