A man with a message, Logic regularly uses his platform to vocalize concerns about issues that he believes plagues our culture. It's true that not everyone is a fan, but that's not something that necessary concerns the rapper anymore. He's openly admitted that the constant barrage of insults—ranging from criticisms of his artistic ability to blatantly encouraging him to kill himself—once took a toll on his psyche. On his latest effort Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Logic explores how he's processed the negativity. He's previously spoken about how he's learned not to internalize it as he's dealing with his anxiety issues.

Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage

"I think social media is amazing," he told HollywoodLife. "I think it is awesome and I wouldn’t be here without social media but at the same time, it can be a negative place man. It’s a place where people want to say hurtful things whether you’re famous or not or this and that and bully you…and it has even made me sad,” he confesses. “Imagine thousands of people are talking trash about you right now. That is kind of a sad thing. So, [on my album] I talk about where we are and where we are headed and where hopefully we can end up as far as peace goes, and dealing with that."

Confessions is a solid album that displays Logic talents, but what sets him apart is his desire to connect with his audience by exposing his flaws. "Icy" with Gucci Mane and "Still Ballin" featuring Wiz Khalifa are tracks that are fun and boastful, but Logic still makes sure to include his theme of defining oneself outside of social media and internet troll opinions. He even featured his father on his track "BOBBY," a light, braggart track that ends with a hilarious addition by Smokey Hall. Make sure to check it out.