Zion Williamson took the basketball world by storm during his freshman year at Duke University and thanks to his incredible play on the court, he was able to become the number one overall pick in the 2019 NBA Entry Draft. Williamson ended up going to the New Orleans Pelicans who were lucky enough to get a huge haul of players in a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers. Included in this trade was point guard Lonzo Ball who is going into his third season in the league.

With Zion's dunking ability and Lonzo's natural passing skill, Pelicans fans have been excited to see what kind of chemistry they'll be able to build. Fans want to see New Orleans' version of Lob City and based on the clip below, they may not be too far off. As you can see, Lonzo throws up a beauty of a pass while Zion makes a huge effort to grab the ball and put it right through the basket.

It's important to note that this clip is from practice so the defenders probably weren't putting their best foot forward. Regardless, it's a pretty great play that should excite Pelicans fans as we approach the start of the NBA regular season. All eyes are going to be on Zion and if he makes plays like this, he'll be on the fast track to rookie of the year honors.