Lonzo Ball came into the NBA with a ton of promise. Of course, much of this promise had to do with his father LaVar, who was a mainstay on ESPN throughout the summer of 2017. Simply put, LaVar is incredible at marketing, and he made it seem like Lonzo was the second coming of Magic Johnson. This ultimately never happened as Lonzo had two very inconsistent seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, before being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans.

This season has been another inconsistent one for Lonzo, who is currently in the bubble. The Pelicans are officially out of playoff contention and Lonzo's stats during this run are a key factor as to why this must be the case. In fact, Bleacher Report recently showed that Lonzo was averaging a triple-single while shooting 19 percent from the three-point line and going 26 percent from the field.

Lonzo didn't seem to appreciate this framing of the facts as he clapped back at Bleacher Report, saying "Make sure y’all post my shit next year too."

If you're a fan of Lonzo, you would know these stats aren't representative of his entire career, although they certainly paint the picture of a team that has struggled since the return of the NBA.

Next season, the Pelicans are going to need everyone to step up if they want to be back in the mix.