It's been a rocky year for Lonzo Ball as he's been hit with a number of surprises, some of which were unfortunate. There was the financial scandal involving good friend Alan Foster, his business partner who stands accused of siphoning $1.5 million from the NBA star. Then, it was announced that Ball had been traded from the Los Angeles Lakers and would be making his way to New Orleans to play for the Pelicans.

In the midst of his personal and professional changes, Lonzo switched things up as it pertained to his tattoo choices, as well. He decided to get his Big Baller Brand tattoo covered up because, according to Lonzo, it reminded him of his dealings with Foster. Now, the 21-year-old point guard has added some new ink to his growing collection with portraits of historical black icons that each stood for growth, change, and the betterment of their culture.

The tattooist responsible is a Southern California artist named Steve Butcher who shared the final product on his Instagram page. "Completed this sleeve this week on @zo !," Butcher wrote. "Sleeve is 99% healed just added #TheMarathonContinues to the top of the arm. Was an honor to put these influential people on your arm brother." 

The collage includes portraits of former president Barack Obama, abolitionist and antislavery activist Harriet Tubman, Civil Rights Movement activist Rosa Parks, MLB icon Jackie Robinson, and Civil Rights Movement leaders Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. What do you think of Lonzo's latest ink?